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Title Details
Lisa Orgettas
Executive Director

Lisa Orgettas has dedicated herself to over 25 years of human service management experience in leadership roles. She has an established history of enhancing services and improving operations in a manner that directly impacts the quality of the lives of others. Lisa is passionate about advancing access and opportunities for people living with disabilities to live as independently as they choose and to advocate for an accessible and inclusive community.

Patricia Cox
Special Projects Manager

Patricia oversees various projects within Disability Resource Center, Inc. She is responsible for the planning, development, management  and implementation of a wide variety of Communications initiatives, Agency projects and activities to advance the strategic vision and goals of the organization.  Her background includes over 30 years in national and state-wide human service organizations that provide services and supports to individuals with disabilities.

Deborah Barber
Community Liaison

Deborah is the agency lead on provision, coordination and tracking of Community Education and Outreach services to unserved and under served populations. Deborah also coordinates information sharing with the public and select groups regarding DRC activities, events, news email list-serves, and at times mass mailings.

Marcia Brennan
Supervisor/Disability Resource Specialist

Marcia is a Disability Resource Specialists who provides short term services including; information and referrals and Options Counseling.  She also provides long term services including: Skills Training, Peer Support, Self-Advocacy and Service Coordination. Marcia coordinates the monthly Housing Options Workshop at our Center and other Housing forums throughout the year to increase Community awareness about Housing Options.

Lauren Cummings
Disability Resource Specialist

As a Disability Resource Specialist, Lauren provides information and referrals, independent living skills development, peer counseling support, and self & community advocacy for people with disabilities. Lauren has a passion for helping others and has many years of experience in the education and human services fields. Prior to this, Lauren spent the last 10+ years specifically in the special education field in the public school systems.

Maria DiPietro Taymore
Transition to Adulthood Program (TAP) Coordinator

Maria provides individual independent living services, including information and referral as well as comprehensive services of Introductory Meeting/Goal setting; Peer Counseling; IL Skill Development; and Individual Advocacy Skill Development. Maria provides community services such as community education, system advocacy, and outreach to underserved and un-served individuals living with disabilities. She has completed the Commonwealth of MA on line Options Counseling Program training, and is developing her expertise in the transition of youth from childhood to adult services and provides supervision.

Carolyn Clark
Director of Services

Carolyn comes to us from the Developmental Disability system in New Hampshire. She worked for an Area Agency for 15 years where she was responsible for development and oversight of various programs including Crisis Response, Residential Staffed Homes and Family Directed Services. Carolyn has lengthy experience working with individuals with intellectual disabilities and brain injuries. She has significant knowledge of the Medicaid system and federal disability benefits. She is looking forward to getting herself involved in the disability system in Massachusettes to further broaden her knowledge of the supports available. Carolyn is the Director of Services and oversees the daily operations of Independent Living program staff and IL services at the DRC.

Kate Schiff
Disability Resource Specialist

As a Disability Resource Specialist Kate provides services to individuals with disabilities that include information and referrals, skills development, service coordination, options counseling, advocacy, and peer support.  Her professional experience includes many years of Education, Special Education as well as Human Services.  During this time, she worked supporting people with a wide range of disabilities.  Kate is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and to live their best life.

Erica Taylor
Disability Resource Specialist

As a Disability Resource Specialist, Erica provides services for individuals with disabilities that include: information and referral, skills development, service coordination, options counseling, advocacy, and peer support. She has professional experience providing therapy directly to children with developmental disabilities in addition to several years of volunteer work at a youth center designed to serve underprivileged and underserved youth. As a person with disabilities and a graduate student, Erica has specialized knowledge regarding medical and legal resources, and is excited to help people as they navigate all areas of independent living.

Domingas Goncalves

Domingas is a Disability Resource Specialist who provides services that include Information and Referral and Options Counseling. She also assists in longer term services like Self-Advocacy, Peer Support, Service Coordination, and Skills Training. Domingas has 4+ years volunteering with people with disabilities and is passionate about making a positive impact in everyone's life she comes across.